With us you always move in the sure waterway

M Consult provides as a connection between client, suppliers, design and application and assembly companies for the conversion of a time-optimized and reasonable project. We always keep the whole project in the eye and report regularly about the progress as well as appearing problems and put through necessary arrangements – of course with our proven reliability and precision.

We co-ordinate professionally all partners in the necessary proceedings relating to permission after federal control of pollution act, trade right, construction right and water right. We own the best knowledge about the legal bases, provide competently the often extensive approval documents and are versed in dealing with the authorities.


M Consult | Permitting Management
  • Organization, information, coordination and documentation
  • Qualities and quantities
  • Costs
  • Dates
  • Risk management

  • Preparing negotiations with public authorities
  • Coordination of all project participants
  • Preparation of permitting documentation
  • Monitoring of permitting procedures
  • Examination of notice of approval