Secure solutions for your projects
in the paper industry and the environmental technology

The M Consult GmbH was founded in the end of 1997 with company headquarters in Moosburg (Isar) in the north-east of Munich. Customers of the first hours were German paper mills for beside consultation achievements rebuilding projects in the area of the paper production were carried out.

In the course of the time have strongly increased the activity field, as well as have expanded the sphere of activity to the European and non-European foreign countries. Today beside the engineering services to the process technology of the paper production the environmental technology shows the second essential pivot leg of the office. The planning and construction supervision of several big sewage treatment plants for strongly loaded industrial sewage were handled successfully. At the same time approval planning were carried out for the big facilities which are to be approved after the federal ambient of pollution control act. An activity field which has played a rather minor part during the foundation years is the project management, this has grown in the interim also strongly.

In 2005 the company moved the headquarters to Eching/Haselfurth (between Munich airport and Landshut) and covered here the own new office building.