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Water and energy are critical resources for your production. With our know-how, you make the best possible use of both resources – to the benefit of the environment and profitability.

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One of the greatest environmental challenges in paper production is water management. The aim is to use the process water as sparingly as possible and to reliably meet the required effluent values at the end through the right wastewater treatment. This requires comprehensive know-how and experience in the areas of recycled water and wastewater technology. M Consult’s knowledge base is unmatched in this area.

In recent years, we have designed numerous large wastewater treatment plants or rebuilt existing ones. What sets us apart is a team of experts with many years of experience in evaluating wastewater treatment data and drawing the right conclusions from the results.

The second major issue is the energy efficiency of your plant. To provide relief and minimize the ecological footprint of your production, we analyze and optimize, for example, the drive technology, ventilation technology, vacuum technology and heat utilization in your plant. The goal is to build a future-proof production. If you wish, we can develop a transformation concept for you in the form of an action plan that will lead you step by step to greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045 at the latest.

Our services in environmental technology

  • As-is surveys

  • Weak point analyses

  • Process selection

  • Realization and commissioning

  • Basic and Detail Engineering