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Coordination, resource planning, cost and schedule monitoring: Complex projects require professional management. In plant engineering, we are the partner of choice and highly efficient – especially when the engineering also comes from us.

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Everything in view and on track. Always.

Granted: There are many project management specialists on the market. What sets us apart from them? We come from your industry and know all the relevant suppliers. And we adapt the timetable for your project to reality as flexibly as a navigation system, while others might maneuver it into a traffic jam directly but according to plan – for example, in the case of delivery problems with individual technical components.

Our strength? In addition to the necessary management tools to implement your plant projects, we also have the technical know-how to adapt the plans quickly and competently if necessary. In short, we not only understand project management, but also the technology and the process that is supposed to work in the end. Especially when we have already been responsible for engineering and planning.

This predestines us as a partner for overall coordination and installation management on the construction site. Our project management team draws up organizational, schedule and cost plans, monitors compliance with them, documents project progress and always keeps an eye on the overall project. If difficulties arise anywhere, we solve them with our experience in project management, technical expertise and decisive action. This is how we keep your project on track and implement it efficiently.