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New plant technology changes your internal processes and requires new know-how. We support you in commissioning and optimizing your plant as well as in building up the necessary know-how.

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New technologies require know-how. We bring it in.

Let’s take a concrete example: the conversion of an LWC mill to packaging paper production based on recovered paper. The challenges start with the raw material logistics, continue with a completely new stock preparation system, the rebuild of the paper machine and the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant, to name just a few areas.

Every paper engineer can list the challenges that accompany such technological changes. However, most of them have not yet had the opportunity to gain practical experience with the change itself. For us, on the other hand, such conversions and process changes are daily business.

How do we acquire and impart the know-how required for your manufacturing process? By precisely describing the changed value chain, planning it, supporting it during assembly and commissioning, training your teams and accompanying the changeover process until the results are right.

Your know-how partner and coach for new processes

  • Whether complete realignment of production, scaling of an established process or integration of new technologies: We support you with our know-how and accompany your teams.
  • We proceed systematically: starting with the recording of the actual state of the plant, through the balancing of material and water flows, to the description and optimization of the new production processes.

  • In doing so, we always keep an eye on the legal aspects of approval. In other words, we check whether changes to the process or technology need to be reported to the authorities and take care of this.

Our solutions and services


You intend to invest at a certain location. Is the water and energy supply secured there? Can the logistics be arranged sensibly? These are just two aspects that we systematically examine for you so that you have maximum planning security. For example, with the help of:

  • Site analyses

  • Feasibility studies

  • Appraisal of the plants

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You set your production targets. To achieve this, we develop the most efficient process, select the right plant components for you and work with you step by step to develop a detailed implementation plan. Our services:

  • Pre-Engineering
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering
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Permit Management

The biggest challenge in dealing with approval authorities is often the lack of experience. We have it, prepare the necessary application documents and take over the dialog with the responsible authority representatives and project participants for you: gladly and successfully.

  • Preparation of applications

  • Authority Management

  • Coordination of project participants

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