How to realize your innovation goals

Technical progress makes your plant even more efficient and economical. At least in theory. In practice, however, it is crucial to rely on the right innovations and to integrate them optimally into your processes. We support you in this.

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Innovation entails opportunities and risks. We minimize the latter.

There are many good reasons for which you regularly invest in the technological renewal of your plant. For example, to save energy or water. Both are a must for environmental reasons alone – on top of that, savings increase profitability. The question remains as to where and in what form you can implement the innovations most profitably.

Many technologies come into question. You want to allocate the available budget as accurately as possible to those technological innovations that have the greatest leverage effect. This is where we come in. With our expertise from more than 1,200 customer projects, we not only have a good overview of innovative technologies in our database. We also know which ones have already proven themselves in comparable plants and process constellations.

We also bring this concentrated knowledge and our know-how to bear when you are faced with specific technical challenges. Example: You are required by the authorities to comply with stricter wastewater limits. How can you optimize the water cycles in your factory and the wastewater treatment plant so that you reliably meet the requirements and continue to achieve your production and cost targets? We can provide you with concrete and practical answers to such questions.

How do we ensure this? By drawing the right conclusions from our experience with comparable plants, from your technical measurement and tests as well as laboratory analyses and applying them altogether to your situation. In this way, we create a high degree of technology and planning security – and you achieve your innovation goals.


Your sparring partner for innovative technologies


  • You have innovation goals. We know how to achieve them and are at your side: from evaluation and planning to implementation and commissioning.

  • We are characterized by commitment, transparency and clear assessments based on our expertise. If we do not yet have experience with a new technology, we also communicate this. In such cases, we rely on our broad engineering network and our know-how and give you an adequate assessment. In other words, you can count on us, our statements and our planning.

  • Even more: We make your project ours. With full commitment. If necessary, we go directly into your operating teams and get to the bottom of possible sources of error. We listen, scrutinize processes, give advice on how to improve them, and provide training during the commissioning of new systems.

  • Test setups and concepts for laboratory analyses are part of our everyday work. We also work with state-of-the-art digital methods. These include software solutions for the simulation and balancing of plant flows, energy consumption and chemical oxygen demand.

Our solutions and services


You intend to invest at a certain location. Is the water and energy supply secured there? Can the logistics be arranged sensibly? These are just two aspects that we systematically examine for you so that you have maximum planning security. For example, with the help of:

  • Site analyses

  • Feasibility studies

  • Appraisal of the plants

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You set your production targets. To achieve this, we develop the most efficient process, select the right plant components for you and work with you step by step to develop a detailed implementation plan. Our services:

  • Pre-Engineering
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering
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Permit Management

The biggest challenge in dealing with approval authorities is often the lack of experience. We have it, prepare the necessary application documents and take over the dialog with the responsible authority representatives and project participants for you: gladly and successfully.

  • Preparation of applications

  • Authority Management

  • Coordination of project participants

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