Clearly defined processes

What goals are we pursuing and what rules do we follow? Who is responsible and what measures are ensuring a smooth overall process? Management systems define exactly this. We implement them individually for you and thus make your company fit for certification.

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Whether for environmental protection, the use of sustainable raw materials, a continuously improved energy balance or high quality standards: Those who demonstrably meet all requirements in these areas secure competitive advantages and benefit in many ways. The key to this and a must for corresponding certifications are effectively implemented management systems. We implement these for you and prepare your company for the external audits.

The spectrum ranges from FSC certification of your products to the internationally common certifications for environmental and quality management to energy management according to ISO 50001. Good to know: If we introduce a modern energy management system for you, for example, you will benefit from this not only through lower energy costs. With a continuously improved energy balance, you may also secure considerable tax advantages every year.

The experts at M Consult know how you can best exploit the potential of your management systems. We advise you in this regard and, depending on the number and scope of the desired management systems, pursue an integrated system approach. In other words, we link the required processes both structurally and organizationally so that you get a highly efficient overall system. That’s what counts.