Green light for your plans

Laws, regulations and environmental requirements are not set in stone. Which ones do you currently have to fulfill and how, so that your plant can go into operation? We know and will guide you confidently through all approval procedures.

Get advice now

With routine and official practice

The same applies to official approval procedures as to orienteering: If you do not have practice in this, you can easily lose your way and reach your goal late or not at all. With M Consult you get the necessary support – especially for immission control and water law approval procedures as well as for planning approval procedures.

Above all, we have the necessary experience and routine in approval procedures. We know the current country-specific and regulatory requirements, prepare the draft applications for you and coordinate them closely with you. In addition, we also support you by taking over numerous management tasks in the approval process.

Communication and management support in approval procedures

  • Keeping track of dates and deadlines

  • Coordination of all project partners involved

  • Coordination with authorities

  • Dialogue with the public if required

  • Selection of experts and communication with them

In short: With us, you have a technically and administratively experienced partner at your side so that you get the green light for your plans and plants as quickly as possible.