Holistic and integrated

In the realization phase, engineering and construction projects in paper and environmental technology consist of numerous individual projects and sub-projects. Each one must be precisely planned and implemented. But that alone is not enough. Overall success is only achieved when all projects are coordinated and precisely interlocked. M Consult supports you with a holistic and integrated approach.

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The entire project under control

What differentiates M Consult from general project management service providers? We combine project management excellence with technical planning expertise. In this way, we realize your projects in the best possible way, both technically and organizationally and economically. To achieve this, as an integrated planning and consulting company, we think and act far beyond the boundaries of individual technical disciplines and process units.

We can do this because our team of experts covers all areas of paper production and environmental technology: from paper and plant technology itself to general process engineering and electrical and automation engineering.

This bundled know-how forms the foundation for our project management services: These begin with the preparation and coordination of a targeted program for the overall project and extend to the preparation and monitoring of organizational, scheduling and cost plans. Above all, however, we always keep an eye on the overall project and act in such a way that you achieve your goals in the end. Along the way, we report on progress, identify any problems early on and implement the necessary measures on your behalf. That’s what matters.

Our services in project management

  • Organization, information, coordination and documentation

  • Deadline management

  • Procurement/costs

  • Monitoring qualities and quantities

  • Your advantage: We make your investment risks transparent and controllable