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We have been helping to shape change in the paper industry for over 25 years. We have mastered the rules of the industry and our business. We have demonstrated this in more than 1,200 projects. You can count on this experience.

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For paper technology, Aristotle’s sentence “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” is indeed programmatic. In hardly any other discipline is the interaction of different substances and forces as important as in paper technology. Even the smallest changes in chemistry or mechanics can have an impact on the entire process and the end product.

Knowledge of the interdependencies and interactions is the key to building and continuously improving overall processes. M Consult has this knowledge at its disposal. We support you as an interdisciplinary team of experts and with our experience of more than 25 years of engineering consulting. How? By bundling the know-how of all relevant specialist areas under one roof and creating efficient process units through the interaction of process engineering, construction planning, air, drive, electrical and automation engineering as well as water and energy technology.

Our range of services includes plant design for new construction and modernization projects as well as engineering and optimization of individual stock preparation lines, the approach flow system, the paper machine or the equipment. In addition, we include the recording and optimization of water circuits as well as ancillary systems. For example, to improve air handling systems or vacuum generation, we analyze them both in terms of functionality and energy efficiency and work out process improvements for you.

Our paper technology expertise for your value chain

  • Raw material stock

  • Stock preparation

  • Sheet formation and dewatering

  • Recycled water management

  • Drying and air technology

  • Paper finishing

  • Storage and logistics

  • Quality assurance